Niakwa Trail Rain Garden helps keep Seine River clean.

In Winnipeg, when the winter snows melt, and the summer rains fall, the runoff invariably finds its way into storm sewers, which fill up quickly and empty directly into our rivers, with little or no treatment. This traditional method of redirecting and draining untreated snowmelt and rainwater into urban waterways can be troubling for the environment.

However, a unique rain garden project spearheaded by Save Our Seine (SOS) and supported by Casera Credit Union makes use of the shape of the land and more than 600 native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses to store and filter stormwater before it enters the Seine River. The Niakwa Trail Rain Garden, located near the corner of St. Anne’s Road and Fermor Avenue in St. Vital, slows the runoff, stores it for a short time, and filters out things like oil from cars, chemicals, cigarette butts and other pollutants.

Casera has been a supporter of Save Our Seine since 2007. Over the years, our sponsorship of SOS’s projects and initiatives have contributed to the preservation and enhancement of the Seine River environment in South St. Vital and South St. Boniface. For more information about Save Our Seine and the Niakwa Trail Rain Garden, visit