Things to keep in mind while banking on the go.

Using your smartphone to do your banking can be a convenient way to manage your finances from anywhere, but before you log on, make sure of the following:

1. Is your wireless network secure? If you’re picking up a wireless signal at a hotel, for instance, you may not want to send sensitive information.

2. Is your mobile banking application actually from your credit union or bank? Be sure it’s the real thing and not a copycat.

3. Have you installed anti-theft technology on your mobile device, and backed up your data?

4. Does your device automatically lock after a while? If not, it’s a good idea to set this feature and use a strong password for your mobile device.

5. Have you stored your passwords and banking information (branch number, bank address) on your mobile device? If you lose your phone, this information will go with it.

6. Are all of your apps and device software current? Consider verifying a banking app’s authenticity in person or on the phone.