Building Stronger Neighbourhoods

Since 2002, Casera’s staff have wholeheartedly supported United Way Winnipeg by holding annual fundraising campaigns. 

We believe in building stronger neighbourhoods by supporting the people and organizations that live, work, and play in them. One of the guiding principles of co-operatives around the world is a concern for the communities they conduct business in. As a financial cooperative, Casera integrates this belief into its core values. In other words, we foster leadership and enrichment by proudly supporting programs, events, and projects that enhance our neighbourhoods.

This year, Casera’s United Way Campaign kickoff date was October 27 and the drive continues through November. We encourage our members to join in our fundraising efforts! One hundred percent of your donation stays right here in Winnipeg. Donations of $20 or more will be issued tax receipts. 

To donate to Casera’s campaign, go to and check off the box on the payment page that says, “This donation is part of a workplace campaign.”

Thank you.