Free up your time with outsourcing options.

Life is busy. The more responsibility we take on, the more we feel pulled in different directions. So how do we budget for more free time? For some, the answer is outsourcing! Today, more than ever before, there are options that can allow you to take some of the work off your own plate. Consider the value of your free time and whether there are some tasks you can outsource.

What Can I Outsource?

  • Cleaning – Whether it’s your house or your business, there are cleaning services available to help – saving you a few hours a week at a minimum.
  • Grocery Shopping – After the pandemic, grocery stores normalized digital shopping and curbside pickup for goods. Take advantage of these, especially those with low or no fees.
  • Dog Walking – If you have a dog in your home, daily walking is a must. There are some great dog-walking services out there that are happy to help.
  • Lawn Care – From the neighbours’ kid to a professional lawn care service, keeping the yard looking good can take many hours. Outsourcing returns those hours to you.
  • Home Maintenance – Like lawn care providers, there are plenty of home maintenance providers who are happy to help you with your home.
  • Child Care – taking a night off can give you and your children a much-needed break. Keep some babysitters on speed dial in case you want a night out!
  • Take Advantage of Your Smart Phone – This one is big. Smartphones now come packed with free apps that work with your home computer or other devices. Keeping a digitally synced calendar means you will never miss an appointment. It also can be a great way to plan more free time. Let your device take care of the details.