Honouring our loyal members.

As a financial cooperative, Casera’s membership entrusts us to be dedicated stewards of their monies. Their ongoing loyalty ensures our success as a credit union. Every October, we show our gratitude during Member Appreciation Week, which is also part of national Co-op Week.

Between Monday, October 17 and Friday, October 21, we’re honouring our members and celebrating the impact that co-ops have on our communities at home and around the world. If you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by a Casera branch and say hi.

On Thursday, October 20, Casera commemorates the spirit of the worldwide credit union movement on International Credit Union (ICU) Day, which has been celebrated annually since 1948. This year’s ICU Day theme is “empower your financial future with a credit union.” The theme reflects how credit unions contribute to a brighter future by financially empowering individuals to build prosperity with the help of a financial cooperative.