Our newsletter, Casera News, has long been one way for our credit union to communicate with members, but it can’t stay in touch with them between issues. Email, on the other hand, has become an essential way for businesses with loyal customers (or members) to deliver relevant news at opportune times.

One day this printed newsletter may be replaced by an electronic version (e-newsletter) that conveys all you need to know about Casera and is delivered in a more timely fashion at a much-reduced cost. To help us get there, we are collecting email addresses from members. If you’re a member and we don’t already have your address, please let us know the next time you visit your neighbourhood branch or email it to us at talktous@caseracu.ca.

We’re looking forward to one day communicating directly with our members through e-newsletters. In a quicker and more focused way, we’ll be able to reach out when we have exciting new products and technologies to present, beneficial campaigns and offers to announce, and important stories to tell.

Best Regards,

Brent Thomas

Chief Executive Officer