Technology drives much of the day-to-day success in today’s competitive financial services industry. Therefore, credit unions like Casera must ensure they continue delivering market-leading digital banking opportunities to remain relevant to their members’ needs.

As proven by the increasing popularity of online banking throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, digital banking is here to stay. The recent launch of our new digital banking platform is essential for Casera’s long-term growth and prosperity. The robust suite of technologies — online banking, Casera CU Mobile App, and website — is part of our multi-year digital transformation strategy. Moving forward, we’ll continue introducing innovative technologies that keep pace with the marketplace and our members’ expectations.

Implementing the digital banking platform was no small task. I want to thank Casera’s staff for their hard work ensuring a smooth transition. And thank you to our members for their continued patience and understanding throughout the conversion. We acknowledge that there were some operational deficiencies in the roll-out. However, we are working closely with our digital development partner to iron out the imperfections. Our goal is to ensure that the online experience is seamless for everyone.

Best Regards,

Brent Thomas

Chief Executive Officer