We're committed to keeping your accounts safe.

Direct Alerts is a technology that notifies you by text message or email when changes are made to your online banking information. These alerts allow you to identify and report potentially fraudulent activities as soon as they happen.

For example, alerts are sent when:

  • a new bill payee is added to your list of vendors
  • an Interac e-Transfer® recipient is added 
  • when your Personal Access Code (PAC) is changed through online banking
  • when an online login has occurred
  • when online banking is locked; for instance, when an incorrect response is given to a security question

Getting started with Direct Alerts takes a few simple steps. Just log in to Casera’s online banking portal, select an alert, and direct it to your email or mobile phone. You can even personalize the alerts you’d like to receive.

Remember, if an alert is received that seems suspicious, contact your neighbourhood Casera branch immediately.

For more information, check out Direct Alerts at www.casera.ca