It’s been a little over a year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. While it will take a considerable time for the world to recover, there are local signs that the experience is positively changing the way our members do business.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent restrictions placed on in-person visits to Casera’s branches, we’ve encouraged our members to continue using the array of self-serve technologies available to them. As a result, online banking, Interac e-Transfer,® ATMs, Casera CU Mobile App, and Deposit AnywhereTM have all seen an upsurge in use. Members are embracing the convenience of paying their bills, making deposits, and transferring funds via their home computer, tablet, or smartphone.

This general acceptance of Casera’s do- it-yourself options may further reduce the number of in-branch visits. However, our members’ increased online activities also lend credence to Casera’s ongoing transformation to becoming a more digitized financial institution.

For members, being able to do most of their business online is convenient and empowering. As banking technologies evolve, members will gain greater access to day-to-day account functions. That is both efficient and effective from a business point of view.

Best Regards,

Brent Thomas

Chief Executive Officer