Secure a Higher Education Line of Credit

Planning to pursue your education at a university, college or trade school?

Casera can help finance your studies with a Higher Education Line of Credit. These lines of credit are set up to cover expenses relating to your education, such as tuition, books or equipment.

Apply online.

A line of credit is great for budgeting because the credit limits are pre-determined, and funds are accessible from a separate education chequing account. There is no ATM access to this account.

Payments are interest-only while you are enrolled in school and for a six-month period after you are no longer a student. Interest is calculated on the closing daily balance at prime rate +1% and charged to your account at the end of every month.

Don’t wait for the school bell to ring. Call or drop by your neighbourhood branch today to talk about how you can make your dreams come true.

Check out Casera’s website for more information and to apply online.