There’s no denying we live in an increasingly cashless society. A variety of electronic money transfer and payment options now exist — including INTERAC e-transfers, contactless credit and debit cards, and mobile wallets — that make it easy for consumers to move money from person to person, or make purchases online or at point of sale.

Forgoing cash has always been promoted as a matter of convenience, but being able to bank wherever you are at the moment has become the number one benefit of going cashless. Research shows that mobile phones are now driving innovation and apps are at the heart of the evolution. In Manitoba, data collected by Credit Union Central of Manitoba, shows that more than 50 per cent of all generational segments have a mobile banking app, with the youngest group (aged 18-29) having the greatest adoption level at 82 per cent.

These results bear out in Casera’s own research. When we analyzed our recent online mortgage campaign, which featured a landing page
that visitors could go to for more information, we found that 71.5 per cent of the landing page’s traffic came from mobile devices. This tells us how important it is to engage with members and potential members within the digital landscape.

Best Regards,

Brent Thomas

Chief Executive Officer