It's never too late to start saving for your retirement.

Remember, the earlier you start saving for retirement, the less you need to save each month. 

  • Suppose someone who’s ten years away from their desired retirement date starts investing $554.90 monthly in a mutual fund with an average return rate of eight percent. In that case, they’d be able to build a nest egg of $100,000. 
  • But starting earlier, say 20 years earlier, they’d only need to put away $175.66 a month to get that $100,000 nest egg. 
  • If they started 30 years ahead, that monthly contribution would only need to be $66.66. 
  • Starting 40 years ahead, they’d only have to put away $28.50 a month to save $100,000. 
  • So, the sooner you begin making regular contributions to an RRSP, the sooner you can take advantage of the power of compound interest to maximize your savings. 

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