Consider these tips if you’re in the market for a used car.

Recent supply chain shortages have impacted the availability of new vehicles in some markets. As a result, many buyers are taking a second look at the used car market. 

One of the best reasons for buying a used vehicle is that it has depreciated for several years. Used cars lose value slower than new ones, reducing your overall cost of driving. Depending on their age, many used vehicles may not include a warranty, meaning you will be responsible for the cost of future repairs. Some consider a new vehicle with a warranty better than a used car without one. That is for you to decide.

Have a Mechanic Look at it 

One of the most important steps when buying a used vehicle is having it inspected by a mechanic. Many sellers will be comfortable with you taking the car to a mechanic for a quick look-over. If that’s not possible, consider bringing a trusted mechanic with you when you check out the car. While there, they can look it over for rust, mechanical issues, and more. 

Dealerships Charge Tax 

When registering a car you purchased in Manitoba, you must pay provincial sales tax (PST) to Manitoba Public Insurance. If you purchase your vehicle from a private citizen, this is the only sales tax you will pay. 

You will also pay goods and service tax (GST) when buying a used car from a dealership. This tax is paid directly to the dealership at the time of the sale. 

Check the Vehicle’s History 

By using a service like CARFAX (, you can determine if a vehicle was written off in an accident or has a history of any severe damage from something like a flood. Sellers may not always share this with you outright, so don’t hesitate to do some digging on your own.