Looking back on 2017 — and forward to 2018 — we can continue to be hopeful for our nation’s economic future and thankful for the continued efforts of Casera’s staff to provide our members with innovative financial solutions and our communities with contributions of support.

Canada’s economy continues to perform well, although economic measures, such as this past summer’s federal interest rate hike could bring some uncertainty to the country’s financial system. Where we sit today, a stable and sustainable economy is good for our country, our province, and our communities.

Alongside Casera’s commitment to community, our hardworking staff is one of the pillars of our success. Over the course of the year, employees spearheaded Casera’s support for numerous community organizations, including The Dream Factory, United Way, Transcona Food Bank, Breast Cancer Research, Christmas Cheer Board and various youth groups. Throughout 2017, our staff worked hard to ensure that new technologies, including Personal Financial Management (PFM), rolled out seamlessly and that our members continued to receive the kind of personalized service for which our credit union has become known.

Many thanks to Casera’s exceptional staff for their never-ending commitment to excellence.

Best Regards,

Brent Thomas

Chief Executive Officer