Have fun and learn about money.

If you’re a student at Transcona Collegiate or Dakota Collegiate, you’ll want to join your high school’s credit union. Titan Credit Union and Lancer Credit Union are offered as credit courses and are operated by students as a financial co-operative with support from Casera Credit Union.

Over the school year, you’ll save money in a credit union account, learn about consumer issues and become proficient at money management. Casera supports the student-run credit unions through mentoring and ongoing presentations. 

“The two youth branches are important to Casera’s overall focus of boosting financial literacy among our members,” says Brent Thomas, CEO. “We believe the programs enhance the students’ financial education, help develop leadership and teamwork skills, and provide a strong foundation for future job opportunities.”

Casera helped pioneer the high school credit union concept in Canada by launching Titan Credit Union at Transcona Collegiate Institute in 1997. Lancer Credit Union opened in 2015. The youth branches are governed by a separate board of student directors who also select member service representatives from the class to staff the credit union. The credit unions are generally open during lunch and students and staff at both high schools are invited to become members.

“We’re proud of helping young people develop valuable money management skills, but we’re equally proud of inspiring them to lead successful cooperative lives,” Thomas says.

For more information about Casera’s high school branches and other young member services, check out www.caseracu.ca.