What you need to know about paying bills after 10:00 p.m.

All bill payments are processed at Casera before being sent to vendors. If you make a bill payment online or via Casera’s mobile app during the day, it will take approximately three business days to reach a vendo

A bill payment made online or through the app after 10:00 p.m., however, will not be debited from your account until the following day. From that point, payment reaching a vendor takes approximately three business days. You can view and/or delete bill payments in your list of Scheduled Payments until the time payments are processed.

Upon paying a bill, a confirmation will appear that will include all the transaction details, including the bill payment confirmation number. This information can be printed, if you prefer a hard copy. 
Ways you can make paying bills easier

Open a sub-chequing or savings account specifically for bills. Put money from each paycheque into this account and keep a running balance. These funds will help ensure that your bills and auto-debits are paid on time.

Download our budget workbook There are loads of tips to make budgeting a breeze.

Download the Credit Counselling Society’s monthly expense tracker It’ll help you pay your bills on time.
Set up auto-debit payments This automatic process removes the worry of having to remember to pay your bills on schedule (please check bill payees to ensure availability). Contact your neighbourhood branch for more information.

Need help paying bills online or on our mobile app? Check out our bill payment demo.