Since launching our new digital banking platform several weeks ago, 91 percent of Casera’s active digital banking users have logged in and are now experiencing the benefits of using online banking and the Casera CU Mobile App.

The new platform offers a wealth of security enhancements, such as password resets, customizable accounts, and security alerts (for example, password changes, new biometric access, etc.). There are also more than a dozen transactions, including transfers to another Casera member’s account, that require authentication by means of a one-time password via text message or email. Another platform enhancement is the capacity for members to quickly, conveniently, and safely transfer money to and from US accounts.

Our website is also newly-designed and delivers a user-friendly online experience that is viewable on any size device. In addition, the new mobile app combines online banking features with the website’s new, updated look.

With any new technology, there are learning curves and growing pains. We acknowledge that there are some operational deficiencies in the ongoing roll-out. Along with our digital development partner, we are actively working on ironing out the imperfections so that the online experience will be seamless for everyone.


Brent Thomas

Chief Executive Officer