Financial sustainability through controlled growth, improved efficiency, built-up retained earnings and operation-wide enterprise risk management has always been Casera’s focus. A stable future, however, also relies on a balanced commitment to responding to our members’ financial needs and monitoring industry trends.

Technology continues to drive change in our industry. In today’s competitive environment, credit unions and banks, including Casera, are focused on increasing member-customer satisfaction levels by enhancing digital experiences. One trend is the ongoing development of money transfer systems that work in real time. FinTech (financial technology) companies are also playing a significant role by developing convenient and efficient ways of banking, including applying for mortgages or investing online.

Another trend to watch for is the evolution of open banking, or the ability of Canadians to be able to digitally manage their money across the online platforms of various financial institutions. While the federally-initiated development opens the door to new products and services, it also signals an industry-wide conversation about enhanced data protection and expanded cybersecurity systems to prevent hacking. Moving forward in an increasingly digital world means ensuring safe passage for our members’ data and their finances.

Best Regards,

Brent Thomas

Chief Executive Officer