How a budget helps with financial planning.

A budget assists with financial planning in a number of important ways.

1. Your budget requires you to decide what your goals are and to establish priorities among those goals.

2. Your budget enables you to make better use of the money that comes into your hands.

3. Your budget also helps you to see whether all of your goals are attainable, given your current earning level and your income expectations in the long term.

4. Your budget can broaden your understanding of both the function of money and its potential.

5. Your budget tests your commitment to your goals. If your budget is well thought out and you stick to it, you will have discretionary income to use for other purposes than covering predictable expenses.

If your budget is well planned and you stick to it, you will have a certain amount of discretionary income to use for purposes other than covering predictable expenses. A cash surplus should never be left idle in a non-interest-bearing account. There are many options, and the more surplus you have, the more extensive your range of choices. Speak to the financial experts at Casera about the possibilities that might be best for your situation.

Source: Budgeting Basics: The Workbook. Download it today.