Steps to take to stay safe.

The following excerpt is from Be Fraud Smart: Protect Yourself, a booklet filled with useful information about keeping you and your identity safe from fraudsters. Download it today.

Protect Your Identity

• Don’t carry your SIN card or birth certificate with you. Keep them in a safe place.
• Check your credit report at least once a year to look for any credit inquiries or changes you have not authorized.
• Be suspicious of any email that asks for personal or account information.
• Don’t overshare on social media. Scammers can use your birth date and other personal information to steal your identity.
• Shred mail with your address on it.

Protect Your Payment Cards

Canadians are one of the biggest users of debit cards, credit cards and ATMs in the world. And while INTERAC® services are among the most secure in the world, debit card fraud does occur.

Take these steps to protect yourself:
• When you receive a new debit or credit card, sign it right away.
• Avoid choosing an obvious PIN, such as your phone number or date of birth.
• Carry only the cards you use most often and leave any others at home in a safe place.
• Frequently check your accounts and monthly statements and notify your credit union if you see any unfamiliar transactions.
• Notify your credit union if you are unable to retrieve your card from an ATM or if someone tries to distract you while using one.
• Be PIN smart.
– Change your PIN at least twice a year
– Shield your PIN with your hand, body or a piece of paper
– Keep your card in sight when conducting a transaction
– Memorize your PIN
– Don’t disclose your PIN to anyone
– Change your PIN after traveling
– Where possible, tap your card when making purchases

Watch for Skimming Devices

Card skimming occurs when a criminal attaches a device to a credit or debit card reader to collect data from the card. If the ATM or point of sale device looks like it’s been tampered with don’t insert your card or enter your PIN.