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If you’re thinking of redoing your kitchen, installing a shower in the basement or painting the entire house, Casera has a financial solution designed to meet your specific needs.

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A Loan with Options

A Casera loan gives you plenty of choices. Interest is charged on the outstanding balance with repayments on a weekly, biweekly, semimonthly or monthly schedule. You can also acquire a loan at a fixed or variable interest rate, and for various time frames.

Getting a preapproved loan works to your advantage. Pre-approval establishes an affordable price range so you know what you can afford before you shop for what you want.

A Flexible Equity Line of Credit

Instead of a loan, have you considered applying for a Casera equity line of credit? It’s ideal for significant purchases and home renovations because it allows you to borrow money on the equity in your home without arranging for individual loans. Interest rates are lower than most credit cards, and no interest is charged if the line of credit is not used.

Based on balances owing, repayment of an equity line of credit is flexible. When you pay down the line of credit, it remains available to you again without having to reapply. The minimum amount you can obtain is $5,000.

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