It often takes a crisis like COVID-19 to reveal the character of a person. It’s the same with organizations, especially one like Casera Credit Union that anchors its core values with a statement about investing in people so that they can deliver exceptional service.

The last several weeks have tested everyone. Our members have had to reorient themselves to Casera’s operational adjustments. Our employees have also had to adapt to daily uncertainty and changing conditions. I’m incredibly proud not only of their flexibility under challenging circumstances, but also their commitment to our goal of continuously providing essential financial services to members.

Our team is fortunate to have had the mentorship of dedicated staff members, two of whom retired last year — Karen Hainstock after 24 years, and Bev Self after 27. In the spirit of everyone who has come before us, we’re working hard to carry on Casera’s long tradition of delivering the very best service. In these trying times, we’re recommitting ourselves to our corporate vision and values. We are being tested, but because we are in this together, we will all succeed.

Best Regards,

Brent Thomas

Chief Executive Officer