Beware of bogus dating sites.

There are many legitimate dating websites operating in Canada — but unfortunately, there are also just as many dating and romance scams.

In some cases, scammers may set up a bogus dating website where you pay for each email or message you send and receive. They’ll try to hook you in by continuing to send vague-sounding emails filled with talk of love or desire, to keep you writing back and paying for use of the scammer’s dating website.

Even on legitimate dating sites, there are fraudsters looking for people to scam. For example, you might be approached by someone who claims to have a very sick family member or who is in the depths of despair, and is often from abroad.

After building a friendship with you, they may ask you to send them money to help their situation. Some scammers even arrange to meet with you, in the hope that you give them presents or money — and then they disappear.

Be Prepared – Defend Yourself

Make sure you only use legitimate and reputable dating websites. Scammers often set up fake websites with very similar addresses to legitimate dating websites, so remember to check the web addresses carefully.

Remember, never send money, or give credit card or online account details to anyone you met online. Protect yourself by not giving out any personal information in an email, text message, or when you are chatting online.

Adapted from the brochure, Member Awareness: Defend Yourself From Fraud.