Do you know the difference between RRSPs and TFSAs?

Everyone has a different reason for investing in his or her future but having the financial freedom to enjoy life is at the heart of it all. At Casera, we offer a wide range of investment options, including RRSPs and TFSAs.


RRSPs (Registered Retirement Savings Plans) are like financial blueprints for your future. Your contributions, within limits, are tax deductible and the income earned is tax sheltered. There is no maximum amount of money a member may accumulate in an RRSP.

Casera offers a variety of terms from 30 days to 5 years:

Variable Rate (Minimum of $25)
Fixed Rate (Minimum of $500)

3 Great Reasons to Contribute to an RRSP

1. contributions are tax deductible
2. interest income compounds and accumulates tax-free until you withdraw from your RRSP
3. build up a comfortable retirement fund during your peak earning years

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Learn more about RRSPs or download the Understanding RRSPs e-brochure.


TFSAs (Tax-Free Savings Accounts) are great alternatives for retirement savings, but you can also use them to save for anything you dream up. Annual contributions up to $6,000 are not deductible for tax purposes, and withdrawals and earnings from the account are not taxable.

Casera offers a variety of terms from 1 to 5 years

Variable Rate (Minimum of $25)
Fixed Rate (Minimum of $500)

3 Great Reasons to Contribute to a TFSA

1. earn tax-free investment income
2. There are no restrictions on the way TFSA funds can be used — you can buy a car, go on a vacation, or renovate your home
3. the contribution limit for 2019 is $6,000

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Learn more about TFSAs or download the Understanding TFSAs e-brochure.

Not Sure What Investment Product is Right for You?

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