Beware the STARS scam.

A credit union in Saskatchewan is reporting that one of their members received a call from a scammer announcing that she’d won $45,000 cash and a 2017 Ford Escape in a STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service Foundation) fundraiser. The “prize winner” replied that she had not entered any draw, but the caller said that her entry form might have been from past contests or perhaps she had purchased a calendar or some other fundraising item sold by STARS.

The scammer was very convincing and assured the credit union member that they did not want any banking information. The spiel went so far as to have a prize-winning number, direction as to what colours to wear for the official picture, and assurances that a lawyer would accompany the delivery of the vehicle a few hours later. The scammer reassured the member that while there was no money required to receive her prize, there would, however, be a fee of $495 in the form of a certified cheque that would go toward paying the lawyer for the vehicle’s delivery.

The member or her credit union did not incur any losses, and STARS and the RCMP were notified of the scam. The STARS website states that the organization never asks for money when informing winners and if funds are requested, it is fraudulent.