The possibility of merging with another credit union that shares the same values and vision as Casera has been an option in our credit union’s strategic plan for many years. To grow into an operationally larger and financially stronger credit union by combining resources is an objective that can help secure a sustainable future. The key is considering a merger opportunity while Casera is in a position of financial strength.

Over 71 years, Casera has built a rock-solid financial cooperative based on the principles of personal service, community support, and stewardship of our members’ finances. We’re proud of our sound governance framework and regulatory reputation for reliability and integrity. Today, our credit union is financially strong and focused on the future.

As Casera engages in the multi-layered decision-making process with Access Credit Union, the bottom line question is always, is an amalgamation in the best interests of our members? Be assured that when the due diligence is complete, Casera’s Board will base its recommendation on what’s most advantageous for our members, employees, and communities. You can trust that the co-operative principles will be honoured and exceptional service maintained.

Best Regards,

Brent Thomas

Chief Executive Officer