Every year brings new challenges — our global and national economies, fast-paced technologies, and changing demographics — but like all forward-thinking credit unions, Casera is working to create opportunities for our members who rely on us to govern their deposits, grow their investments, and support their communities.

With the arrival of higher interest rates, managing debt may become troublesome for some members. We’ve communicated with members via Casera’s new email programming that we’re here to help with financial advice, contact with debt counsellors, or consolidation loans to help them improve cash flows.

In 2018, we partnered with Qtrade Investor to provide our members with cost-effective, do-it-yourself investing. The top-ranked online brokerage offers member-investors a wide range of trading platforms, low fees and helpful tools, but best of all, Qtrade Investor and its parent company, Aviso Wealth, are owned by credit unions, including Casera.

Over the year, our staff took the lead in assisting many community organizations, including United Way, Save Our Seine, and The Dream Factory. Thanks to the leadership of our people, Casera remains a proud supporter of the vibrant communities of Transcona, St. Vital and their surrounding neighbourhoods.

Best Regards,

Brent Thomas

Chief Executive Officer