Tips to keep you and your finances safe.

Fraudsters using fake websites (also known as spoofing websites or watering holes) to steal money from bank accounts have been in the news lately. A fake or spoofed website can look identical to a genuine website. The goal is to redirect you to the phony website by smishing, phishing, or malicious online ads. Once directed to the spoofed site, your login identification credentials are recorded, and money may be stolen from your account.

Members should also be watchful for fraudulent emails.  Email scams during the COVID-19 pandemic are the worst they have been in years. Protect yourself and your finances. Remember, Casera will NOT ask you to provide your password via email. It is also important that you never share your personal login information. If you are not sure of a text or email claiming to be from Casera, or a website you are unsure about, immediately contact your neighbourhood branch via telephone (do not click the link or respond to the email).

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One of the best ways to stay ahead of fraudsters is to sign up for Direct Alerts. This technology notifies you by text message or email when changes are made to your online banking information. These alerts allow you to identify and report potentially fraudulent activities as soon as they happen.

For example, alerts are sent when:

  • a new bill payee is added to your list of vendors
  • an Interac e-Transfer® recipient is added 
  • when your Personal Access Code (PAC) is changed through online banking
  • when an online login has occurred
  • when online banking is locked; for instance, when an incorrect response is given to a security question

Getting started with Direct Alerts takes a few simple steps. Just log in to Casera’s online banking portal, select an alert, and direct it to your email or mobile phone. You can even personalize the alerts you’d like to receive.

Remember, if an alert is received that seems suspicious, contact your neighbourhood Casera branch immediately.

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