• New Canadians are hard-working people from around the world. They all have dreams – to succeed in Canada, to own a home, and to raise healthy families in friendly, safe communities. These are also the dreams of all our members, and it is part of why we are in business. As a credit union, we work hard to earn your trust, to help you save money for a new car or a house, and to provide ways for your money to grow.

  • When you meet with one of our staff at a neighbourhood branch, you will receive a warm welcome. We will listen to you before we offer any advice. Our job is to tell you about the choices you have and to show you how you can benefit from all the options.

    We want you to understand everything we are talking about so we will spend as much time as it takes to explain things. This amount of time talking with a bank employee might be a new experience for you, but we want you and your family to understand your financial situation fully. Your money is important to you and taking care of it is important to us.

  • At Casera, you will find all the financial products and services you need to help your family become prosperous Canadians. We have savings and chequing accounts for all ages, personal and education loans, home mortgages, vehicle financing, retirement planning, and investments.

    If you are looking for a friendly place to put your money, call the friendly people at Casera or drop by one of our neighbourhood branches. You will be welcomed, and you will feel good about your financial future.