• At Casera, we invest in people with a dream and the single-minded determination to achieve their goals. Whether you’re starting up a new business from scratch or looking to refinance or expand an existing operation, we have the financial products and services to help you establish and maintain a profitable enterprise.

    But it does take more than vision and perseverance – and the support of a financial institution – to turn a simple idea into a successful business venture. It also requires a plan. A focused business plan is the cornerstone of your future endeavour, and without it, you likely won’t be able to access funding.

  • When you’re assembling your business plan, pay close attention to the subject of cash flow. A realistic forecast of business performance – including cash flow, expected sales, profits and losses, and expenses – is essential. You’ll need it to understand your company’s profitability, and we’ll need it to make a decision about financing your business.

    With your business plan in place, your next step is to call one of Casera’s business specialists. We’ll set up a meeting to review your funding application and supporting documents. Download our handy checklist, Starting Points for Small Business, for a summary of the documents and additional information you’ll need for the meeting.

  • We’ve been helping members build solid and sustainable businesses since 1951, and we believe we offer advantages over other financial institutions. As a member-focused credit union, we take pride in our high levels of personal service, our ability to quickly make locally-focused decisions, and the capacity to deliver a wide range of money-saving solutions.

    If you’re serious about your start-up or looking to take the next step in your business, we’d like to talk with you.