Manitoba celebrates International Credit Union Day.

International Credit Union Day has special meaning here in Manitoba, where the credit union movement is more popular than almost anywhere else in the country.

For decades, Manitobans have continued to embrace the idea of democratically controlled, member-owned financial co-operatives. As a result, 635,000 Manitobans now call themselves credit union members. Just like you, they’ve seen the value in belonging to a co-operative financial institution where the decisions are made by member-owners right here in our province, not by shareholders whose primary motivation is increasing profits.

Manitoba’s 27 credit unions serve their members by providing highly competitive products and services. They also give back to their communities in very tangible ways. Each year, Manitoba’s credit unions show their support for their communities through sponsorships, donations, scholarships and volunteering (Manitoba’s credit unions provided $4.6 million in donations, sponsorships and scholarships in 2016).

The employees and directors of Casera live in your community – we’re your friends and neighbours. Your concerns are our concerns and because you have a vote in the direction of our credit union, we share the same interests.

That spirit of co-operation is part of what makes being a credit union member so special, and one of the many reasons Manitobans take time to celebrate ICU Day.